Tome of Madness (5E)



Tome of Madness (5E)
Something Crazy for your Campaign. Tome of Madness is the definitive 5th Edition source for dealing with maniacal madmen and deranged villains, but also for haunted heroes and their afflicted allies whose minds have been pushed past the breaking point. This lavishly detailed tome examines the nature of mental maladies from aphasia and amnesia to phobias, tics, delusions, dyspraxia, and hysterical blindness. With over three dozen forms of insanity with varying severity and symptoms, you`ll find lesser ailments that may accompany your heroes throughout their lives, as well as devastating delusions that can shatter a character`s world. Tome of Madness goes a step further, with abundant information and 5E rules on the treatment of madness, including the use of alchemy and magic (and even occult faith healing) to calm the disturbed mind. Whether insanity is purely biologic or an element of addiction, brought on by gradual decline or a sudden, sharp break, you will find a wealth of information for incorporating insanity into your Pathfinder campaign in an in-depth way that does not degenerate into simple stereotypes or leave you with an unplayable character but gives your heroes and villains alike some real depth in their disturbia! Grab this 32-page 5th Edition accessory by Mike Shel today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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