Star Clicker



Star Clicker is the new cooperative game of Christophe Raimbault - author of Colt Express - in which players are kids trying to save their planet from evil aliens while their parents are in mission far far away.
“Easy, we’ve seen our parents do it so many times!"
"Let’s click on that button...”
“Oups, sorry for the missile in your ship bro...”

How to play?
Starclicker is a cooperative game in which you embody a pilot kid trying to save its planet from an Alien attack. At your turn, click and reveal one of the 9 buttons from your Spaceship Dashboard and do its action: move forward one tile, shoot, make a quarter turn or joker (choose among the 3 actions). When three of the buttons of the same zone are revealed, hide them. When you shoot a friend, shuffle the three buttons of the colour of the shot. When you shoot an alien ship, remove it from the board. When you land on a new tile, flip it to reveal its hidden face. There can be nothing, a meteorite or a satellite. When an alien ship reaches the planet, it damages its shield. Once there is no shield left the next damage is the last one and game is over. You and your team win when all the communication satellites have been repaired and before the mothership is empty or planet destroyed.

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