Rohan Banner Bearer (Foot & Mounted) (GWD)



Hardy and stubborn fighters, the warriors of Rohan are determined to protect their homeland from the invading Orcs, Uruk-hai and other Evil forces that threaten their peace. Though they live in constant fear of Sauron’s shadow, it is their choice to meet this threat with spear, sword and bow. The Banner Bearers of Rohan lead the Rohirrim into battle.

This blister contains 2 metal miniatures: a Rohan Banner Bearer on foot and a mounted Rohan Banner Bearer. There are 2 different foot variations available and you may receive either variant. Also supplied are a 25mm round base, a 40mm round base and a plastic Rohirrim horse.
This resin kit contains 2 components with which to make Girion, Lord of Dale, supplied with a 25mm round base.

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