Pathfinder Battle: Premium Figure Mamlambo



Pathfinder Battles: Set 21 The Mwangi Expanse Premium Figure Mamlambo
Pathfinder Battles: The Mwangi Expanse - Mamlambo is the latest premium release in the Pathfinder Battles series of pre-painted plastic miniatures from WizKids and Paizo Inc. With its Huge size, Mamlambo stands over 3 inches tall. Mamlambo premium figure features detailed painting at an eye-catching size. Add Mamlambo to your RPG game to give your players a challenge, or use the premium figure as an intimidating display for your home or retail location. Contents subject to change. Images not final. Check out this sets corresponding Sets: 97530 The Mwangi Expanse 8 ct. Brick 97531 Dimari-Daji 97533 Adult Cloud Dragon

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