Magical Powers Card Pack



Magic in Middle-earth takes many forms, from the sorcerous blasts of duelling wizards to control over wild beasts and subtle influence on weak minds. Command the forces of magic in your games of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game with a set of handy reference cards for Magical Powers.

This set contains 36 cards, one for each of the Magical Powers detailed in the Rules Manual. With these cards, you can always have the reference for your Magical Powers at your fingertips while you play.

The following 36 Magical Powers are detailed in this card set:

Aura of Command, Aura of Dismay, Banishment, Black Dart, Bladewrath, Blessing of the Valar, Blinding Light, Call Winds, Chill Soul, Collapse Rocks, Command/Compel, Curse, Drain Courage, Enchanted Blades, Enrage Beast, Flameburst, Fortify Spirit, Fury, Immobilise/Transfix, Instill Fear, Nature's Wrath, Panic Steed, Paralyse, Protection of the Valar, Refreshing Song, Renew, Sap Will, Shatter, Shroud of Shadows, Sorcerous Blast, Strengthen Will, Terrifying Aura, Tremor, Wither, Wrath of Bruinen, Your Staff is Broken!

A copy of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game Rules Manual is required to make use of the contents of this set.

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