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Darkest Night 2nd Edition Base Game
As the dread Necromancer tightens his grip over the kingdom with his ever-growing legions, a few brave souls seek a way to fight back in Darkest Night! A fully cooperative board game set in a broken kingdom under a Necromancer`s shadow, players in this 2nd Edition of Darkest Night take on a role of one of the kingdom`s last defending heroes. Searching the kingdom provides new powers and equipment to strengthen your party, while acquiring additional abilities can aid you in eluding the Necromancer`s forces, accelerate your searches for items artifacts, and more. As the Necromancer gains power, more and more ravenous undead infest the land, eventually invading the hallowed sanctuary of the Monastery - if it falls, the Necromancer wins, and the kingdom is swallowed in darkness!

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