Fighters Unlimited (5E)



Fighters Unlimited (5E)
Fight On! Fighters Unlimited is the first in a new series of class-focused player supplements for 5E, with this installment focusing on the biggest, baddest, and best battlers in the game: the fighter! This encyclopedia of martial matters brings you over a dozen new archetypes and backgrounds for fighter characters like the Chainmaster, Desert Nomad, and Arena Fighter! Plus, youll find brand-new alternate class features for your fighter, and over three dozen new fighter-focused feats like the Arcane Dabbler and alternate class features for the fighter like Adder Strike, Gory Finish, Moonlight Stalker, and Seize the Moment! Youll find an awesome array of weapons, armor, and shields to outfit your fighter for any style of campaign, and youll discover new methods for blending magic into your fighting style, allowing you maximum flexibility and the options to create a fighter unlike anything youve played before! Grab this fantastic 42-page 5th Edition class expansion by Darrin Drader today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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