D12 Hit Location: Blue/White (1)



D12 Hit Location: Blue/White (1)
Powers and spells have their own dedicated die in our collection. Blue & white Hit Location dieelegantcarvings will be a great support for all spellcasters and enchanters of lightnings and ice powers. We believe that Power can be devastating and mutilating.Dear Gamemaster, you also gaindestiny tool for location of mutations. Give your players an illusion of blind fate when storm of arrows hitsthe heroes in the most unexpected parts of their body in clash of battle. We created a tremendous die, and its not only the size were speaking of. We hope that you will have great rolls and many direct hits! List of Hit Locations: 1.Head, 2. Neck, 3.Torso, 4. Right Arm, 5. Left Arm, 6. Right Hand, 7. Left Hand, 8. Underbelly, 9. Right Leg, 10. Left Leg, 11. Right Foot, 12. Left Foot

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