Citadel Crusade Figure XL Case



The Citadel Figure Cases are the perfect way to transport and protect your Citadel miniatures. Containing two full sets of our revolutionary channel foam, the Citadel Crusade Case XL is the largest case we've ever made, designed to fit several of our largest models at a time, quickly and easily without the chore of cutting and shaping to fit.

Packing and unpacking the case is absurdly quick and easy; any model, however pointy, placed anywhere within the channels will be protected, just as well as if you'd spent countless hours hacking away at a custom fit. You’ll free up more time to concentrate on games, painting or just showing off your miniatures collection. The channel foam allows you to store up to four Imperial Knights (or Archaon and other massive Warhammer Age of Sigmar heroes) with room to spare, legions of troops, whole squadrons of armour or beasts, or entire formations of bikes and cavalry! It's also perfect for carrying immense models from Forge World.

We know that you want the best protection for your miniatures – the foam inside the case is slightly larger than the case itself, and will compress around the figures when closed, ensuring a minimum of movement for any miniature. This massive case features metal-reinforced hinges, fixed handles on each side, metal-core nylon catches, and a metal lattice to reinforce both the lid and the base to increase its strength. If your collection is impressive enough to warrant it, you can even stack them with no fear of damage.

We've put a lot of effort and research into making the Citadel Crusade Case XL durable, efficient, and as easy as it can be to store and transport your largest, most precious models. The hinges are designed with an ergonomic shape, including a folding hinge on the top as well as the fixed handles on the sides. You’ll find the construction solid, and enjoy peace of mind as you prepare for apocalyptic clashes across the grim darkness of the far future, as well as the Mortal Realms.

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