Arkham Horror: To Fight the Black Wind Hardcover



Arkham Horror: To Fight the Black Wind Hardcover
Not all patients can be cure or want to be. Written by Jennifer Brozek, To Fight the Black Wind follows psychologist Carolyn Fern`s attempts to treat Josephine Ruggles, an heiress whose nightmares leave glyph-shaped wounds across her back. Miss Ruggles`s case is unusual, even for an institution like Arkham Sanatorium, but it takes an even stranger turn after Josephine claims to have met one of Carolyn`s former patientsa man who was brutally murdered in her dreams. Over the course of 112 pages, To Fight the Black Wind braves to enter the realm in which these dreams take place, and it affords readers an even deeper immersion through its 16-page full-color insert, featuring Carolyn Fern`s illustrated dream journal, as well as other select, in-universe artifacts.

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