5th Edition Adventures: Dragons of Aihdre



5th Edition Adventures: Dragons of Aihdre
Dragons of Aihrde brings a whole new wave of monstrous nightmares to the gaming table. Lesser dragons, miasmal wyrms and leech wyrms bring a whole new approach to dragons. Beneath the towering trees of ancient wood, beneath branches laden with the mired detritus of old growth live creatures of nightmare. In croaking tongues, they call out one to the other, sounding the hunt. They are predacious beasts, who care not for treasure or misspent wealth these are the Miasmal Wyrms. Leech wyrms are foul dragons whose habits are more reminiscent of the undead, than the fire breathing habits of the greater dragons of legend and lore. With vampiric lust they haunt quiet dungeons and forgotten pathways, waiting for a warm, ichorous meal to come within their grasp. Whether through hollow fangs or barbed tongues they drain the blood of their victims. From the brutally violent Maegle Wyrm that grinds its prey to pulp or the far gentler Iris Dragon that paralyzes and feeds upon its victim for days, these dragons are creatures from our uncertain nightmares. New Dragons, along with their Habitats, Ecology and Magic. Made in the USA.

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