Master of the Hunt (Audio Book)



Master of the Hunt

Kor’sarro Khan leads the White Scars on a hunt against the deadliest and most vicious foe they have ever faced: the daemon prince known as Doomrider.

A blast from the past for long-term fans of Warhammer 40,000 (and a treat for newer ones) as an old face returns: the speed freak daemon prince Doomrider! (And if you don't remember him, prepare for a treat!) What will be the fate of the infamous daemon prince when Kor’sarro Khan catches up with him? You’ll have to listen to believe it…

A Great Hunt has been called, and Kor'sarro Khan, Master of the Hunt, gathers the White Scars for war. They shall track their prey across the galaxy, never resting until his head is taken to be displayed in the Chapter's fortress-monastery on distant Chogoris. But this prey will be a challenge, for he is as fast and as cunning as the sons of Jaghatai, and as deadly a foe as the Khan has ever faced. For on this Great Hunt, the White Scars seek the daemon prince known only as Doomrider.

Performed by Toby Longworth
Directed by Christian Dunn
Produced by Black Library
Running time 68 minutes
Sound design and music by Jamie Robertson

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