The Mansky Caper ***

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The Mansky Caper
In The Mansky Caper - An Offer You Can`t De-Fuse!, an explosive, press-your-luck game, you`ll be robbing rooms and dodging booby traps that go boom! Al Mansky, the most ruthless and illustrious Mob Boss ever, has never shown the Family the respect it deserves! Well, Big Al is away on vacation and it`s time to even the score! We`re breaking into his mansion and absconding with all his loot! During The Mansky Caper, players take turns navigating through Big Al Mansky`s mansion, cracking safes to reveal valuables, explosives, and thrilling plot twists. Share your loot with others in your room, call in favors to perform skillful actions, and above all, make sure you stash your share at the getaway car before you hear a BOOOOM! Work together to help yourself... just don`t get blown up!

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