Akponoah: The Acropolis of Athens



Acropolis is a game for 2-4 players. Here each player has a short trip through the Athens and its monuments. Known and unknown paths and constructions wait for you to explore and collect them. The game is divided in 3 different Zones.

In each Zone each player tries to collect as many Monument Cards, as he can and through them you earn money, Gold Coins. Each Monument is designed on the board and is attached to 3 different step. So, if your pawn manages to step on all of them, then you can collect that Monumnet Card. Again, if you think is easy, you are wrong. Your rivals will make everything to stop you.

In the second Zone all the players follow a faster course trying to collect more Monuments. But here is the key. Among all of them there are some that have higher value and these Monuments will give you the victory! During your speed trip, you will find many blocks since there are cards which send your pawn either back at the beginning of the Zone or at the end. You don't want that because when the race overs, you will have the less Monuments.

In the last Zone things get nasty. There only few important cards, that if you manage to collect them, then you secure your victory. At the end of that Zone, all of you count the points that your Monument Cards provide to you and add them together. The player with the most money wins.

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