Talisman Adventures RPG: Core Rule Book



Start your journey through the realm with the basic rules of the Talisman Adventures Fantasy Roleplaying Game ! Mystical forests, treacherous mountains, deadly dungeons, and more await you in this book. Dive into yours with one of seven lineages (elf, dwarf, human, ghoul, ghost runner, troll, and fairy) and as one of ten classes (assassin, druid, bard, priest, prophet, scout, magician, thief, warrior, and magician).

The rules of the Talisman Adventures Fantasy Roleplaying Game are easy to learn, play fluently, and are based on the new 3D6 Adventures rule system. With these rules, players take the lead as their characters explore magical lands, encounter enigmatic strangers, and battle gruesome monsters. The book contains a variety of enemies, strangers, henchmen, locations, and magical items that you can incorporate into your adventures. Forbidden knowledge and immeasurable riches and perhaps even the famous talisman of the Great Wizard await the brave.

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